Ein Gweledigaeth yn Ysgol Llandeilo

Our Vision at Ysgol Llandeilo 

We pride ourselves on putting all pupils and staff at the heart of inquiry based learning at Llandeilo Primary School.

We encourage everyone to become thinkers who:

Let inspiration and curiosity lead their learning,

Make connections between their thinking, understanding and skills,

Take action to make meaningful changes with the local community and wider world.

Are influential in developing all aspects of school life

Understand how health & nutrition impact on learner assets

It is a place where Healthy relationships support everyone to regulate emotions and feelings, create an environment of safety, connection and compassion at all times. 

Real life experiences develop all learners to become Ambitious Capable Learners, Healthy Confident Individuals, Enterprising Contributors, and Ethical Informed Citizens to become the best that they can be, and seek the best in others.

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Pupils Voice & Wellbeing

Encouraging Children To Be Happy & Successful
Wellbeing is at the heart of our school vision. We are incredibly proud of our exceptional staff who have helped to build a glowing reputation and provide ongoing commitment to creating conditions where all pupils can thrive in the range of learning environments that we happily provide.
We understand pupils will learn best when they feel safe and secure.
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